Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Seagate Recruitment 2015 for Freshers

Name of the company: SEAGATE
Experience needed: Freshers
Salary: Not negotiable
Openings: Not negotiable
Qualification: Any Bachelors Degree
Job Location: Pune
Category of industry: IT
Employee Role: Entry Level(Test Engineer)
Skills needed: Jammer Scripts, Perl Scripts, and utilities

Job platform:
a. Work to ensure:
i. Learn the Automation tools and maintain an automation mindset when writing/executing TCs
ii. Test Cases are driven by requirements and are focused on finding OEM bugs before the Customer.
iii. Follow the team culture where Quality is critical.
iv. An understanding of the Test Metrics to help drive Improvement.
v. Documentation is appropriately maintained and in order.
vi. Test Escapes are understood and appropriate test improvements are recommended.
b. Show a strong work ethic while performing “Hands on” testing
c. Learn the features of a firmware component. Learn the component’s role in the Test Strategy, how to identify the product requirements, equipment/personnel needs and any associated risks.
d. Learn to identify project deficiencies where they exist and recommend improvement.
e. Obtain a level of technical proficiency necessary to perform assigned duties by eagerly attending training within the team, as well as, seeking out opportunities for training outside the team.
f. Follow the test culture that:
i. Test to find defects not to pass test case
ii. Utilizes automation as much as possible
iii. Test beyond the requirements
iv. Drives improvement based on test metrics
g. Consistently look for ways to improve test processes.
h. Become proficient in Tool to ensure the ability to properly document test activities and ensure accurate reporting
i. Understand the need to Define & Execute New Tests based on scoping test requirements from design/code reviews with Development during early stages of the project highly leveraging automated scripts
j. Learn the importance of interaction with firmware (FW) Developers at the beginning of each test phase to gather requirements and Statement of Work(s) (SOWs) for that phase.
k. Understand the importance of mapping test cases to requirements, Enhancements and/or defects.
l. Modify test cases/plans appropriately to ensure functionality is thoroughly recorded and analyzed for future test efforts.
m. Learn to utilize and integrate the automation test effort.
n. Review prior and existing test cases to help learn to identify candidates for automation.
o. Review new features for better understanding of functionality…look for areas/tests that can utilize automation.
p. Learn organizational structure and key players to Test Team, i.e. Test Architect, Development Architect, Component Developers.
q. Learn to scope and execute new features seeking help from Senior Engineer as needed
r. Understand the importance of minimizing project risks and how those risks may impact other projects.
s. Identify and query defects ensuring status is kept up to date.
t. Learn the proper use of test tools, Jammer Scripts, Perl Scripts, and utilities.
u. Minimize Test Escapes by understanding test strategy, accurately following test plan, and working assigned issues to closure. Promptly document any defects following designated Defect Reporting Process.
v. Perform other assigned duties appropriate to your knowledge and skill level as necessary to support the team’s test effort.

Contact Details:
Name of the company: SEAGATE
Whom to Contact: HR

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